We are here for you. If you have any questions regarding your child's progress, our policies or golf in general - please do not hesitate to contact us. Our goal is to be a place where the entire family feels welcome, enjoys their time and of course, improves their golf. 


The U.S. Kids Golf Academy will always strive to be an inclusive, welcoming, safe, and enjoyable atmosphere. To make sure that each student and parent feels welcome and that we can provide the optimal learning environment, we ask that everyone abide and respect the following policies.

  • Rain/Weather: The instructor in charge will determine whether classes will be conducted on days of inclement weather. If any class is cancelled, the instructor will email students via their contact info on file.

  • Dress Code: Appropriate golf attire is encouraged.

  • Cancellation: Students may cancel their reserved spot in a class up to 24 hours in advance. If within 24 hours of the class, cancellations or no-shows will count as a class attended. To cancel a class, login to your account and click "Reservations".

  • Cell Phone: Students are not to have a cell phone out while class is in session. Parents/observers are asked to put ringers on silent and move away from class if conversations must take place.

  • Tobacco: There is no smoking or any use of tobacco allowed by coaches, parents, or students at the U.S. Kids Golf Academy.

  • Behavior/General Etiquette: It is important to remember that the Academy is above all else, a learning environment. Any rude or disruptive behavior will not be tolerated.

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Parents play a critical role in the development of a junior golfer. From the correct preparation for class to the all-important engagement of establishing goals and the progression towards them, we rely on you to provide the encouragement and support that is so significant in determining the success of your child's love of the game. We are happy to offer some basic tips for parents on how to best support your child towards their goals as they take part in the U.S. Kids Golf Academy.

  • Golf Clubs: As the world's leaders in youth golf equipment, we will provide properly fit clubs and training aids for our students while on site. Please do not purchase golf clubs prior to coming to your first class. Improperly fit golf equipment can have significant detrimental effects on the success of a developing player. Many of our students already have equipment, which we will assess for proper fit. Our coaches are available to discuss your clubs and our recommendations.

  • Be involved: Our philosophy is that golf is best learned and loved when parents are involved. Once you're logged in, go to "Manage Results" and track the progress. Most of all, communicate with our coaches about your successes and challenges so we can best serve you.

  • Be a Second-Goal Parent through PCA: The U.S. Kids Golf Academy is proud of our partnership with the Positive Coaching Alliance. Our commitment to parental involvement carries the disclaimer that it must done in an encouraging and supportive manner. Though not a requirement, we strongly urge parents to complete the Second-Goal Parent course. Register with voucher code USKidsGolfAcademyLL to reduce the cost to $15.

  • Provided by the U.S. Kids Golf Academy. Learning Program booklet, hat, bag tag, learning scoreboard. Golf tees and practice balls available during class sessions.

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  • I purchased a membership, now what?
    Welcome to the Academy! The next step is to “Reserve” the classes you wish to attend. Classes can be reserved a few different ways:

    • Select the class you want to attend from the Academy calendar. (If you are not already logged in, you will be prompted to do so). Simply select the blue “Reserve” button under the class information. Reserving for a family member, no problem! Select the family member from the drop down then select the blue “Reserve” button.

    • In your account profile, select “Reservations” from the menu. You will see a “Reserve Class Times” link at the bottom of the page. Click on this link to view the Academy calendar. Select the class you want to attend from the calendar and simply select the blue “Reserve” button under the class information.

    • Download the Mobile App, Zen Planner. Enter your Academy login information to access the class calendar. Select “Reserve” next to the class you wish to attend.

  • How do I see my schedule? Your reservations can be found in your account profile, in the section “Reservations.” All upcoming reservations are listed. If you are inquiring about your child or additional family member, select “My Family” from the menu, select the family member and then select “Reservations” from the menu.

    You can also view reserved classes on the calendar in your account. Each reserved class is denoted by a star next to the class name. You can also use the calendar to toggle between the family members in your account to see each individual’s reservations.

  • How do I cancel my membership? To cancel or change memberships, you will need to contact the Academy Director, Jim Hardy. Cancellation fees will apply.

  • How do I cancel my class reservation? Your reservations can be found in your account profile, in the section “Reservations.” All upcoming reservations are listed. Select the class you wish to cancel from then select the red “Cancel” button under the class information on the next page.

  • How do I “Check-in” for my class? You can “check-in” for your reserved class at the IPad Kiosk located in the Longleaf Golf Shop. Simply type in your name and select “check-in.” If you're unable to “check-in” prior to your class please let your instructor know.

  • Where do I “track my progress?” You progress through the curriculum can be found in your account profile in the section “Manage Results.” If you are tracking the progress of your child or additional family member, select “My Family” from the menu and then “Manage Results.”

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  • Do you hold class if it’s raining? If it is raining we will go inside and work out and utilize indoor training methods. If the weather is dangerous, we may cancel prior to class and notify you via the contact info we have on file.

  • What’s the dress code for students? Dress code is golf course attire which would include collared shirts for the boys, a collared shirt or shirt with sleeves for girls - and comfortable soft soled shoes.

  • Can I split a package of classes among my children? Unfortunately when you purchase a package, it is assigned to one student.

  • Is it ok if I watch and listen as you teach my child? Of course! I want you to be a great co-coach and echo the message the coach is teaching.

  • Is it ok if I drop my child off and run some errands? That's fine too! You'll be able to track your child's progress online.

  • Do you provide drinks/snacks? Water is always nearby for hydration. We will not typically provide food, although we might have offer a healthy snack on special occasions. We will not provide any sugar-based drinks or snacks.

  • How do I know if my child should go through the intro class or the advanced class? The player may skip intro class if they can shoot scores of better than double par consistently from an appropriate tee. If they have not played enough to know, then they should start an intro class. If the instructor sees that that they are ready for advanced class, we'll tell you.

  • My child has a teacher that they see already, is it ok to enter a USKG academy too? Absolutely! Our instructors teach using ball flight and results. (For example, if the task was to pitch a ball in the air and the student can only roll the ball, we will teach them to hit it in the air) Occasionally, we may say something differently than their teacher or have a different method we prefer but we are all after the same goal. Your child's teacher can contact us anytime in order to be on the same page.

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